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2016 Chapbook Contest: Week 16 Review

Hi everyone! Small update this week with some more pictures of beautiful people!


Having received another shipment of chapbooks from Bottlecap Press, I handled the 10 orders that remained 🙂 So I’m all caught up!

I also bundled up a nice box of chaps, which I’ve sent to Denver for This Lil Lit Fest. Gotta keep Books and Shovels reloaded for another party 😀

Smiling Faces (continued!)

Damn, love seeing the world is still full of beautiful, supportive people ❤

As always, we can’t wait to share your pictures, so please tag us as your chaps arrive!

Much love, and see you next week!❤


We’ll have a new Tavern post each Wednesday, giving an inside look at the N! process, so stay tuned for more updates!

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 (shipments + upcoming readings)
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(final editing for proofs)
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 (major editing)
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The Week Four Review (judging winners)
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The Week Two Review (reading chapbooks)
The Week One Review (initial contest results)

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Christopher Morgan is a Lebanese American prose poet who grew up in Detroit, the Bible Belt of Georgia, and the San Francisco Bay Area, where he currently lives and co-manages Nostrovia! Press. The author of two chapbooks, “Shadow Songs” (Sad Spell Press 2015) and “Fables with Fangs” (Ghost City Press 2016), and the Reviews Coordinator at Alien Mouth, his work has been published at Gargoyle, A cappella Zoo, Voicemail Poems, Bartleby Snopes, DOGZPLOT, and Fruita Pulp, among others. He loves hiking in the redwoods, aphorisms, and happy hour margaritas.

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