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Two Poems – Jennifer MacBain-Stephens & Meg Tisinger

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens went to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and now lives in the DC area. Recent chapbooks are out from Be About it Press, Dancing Girl Press and Shirt Pocket Press. Her first full length collection is forthcoming from Lucky Bastard Press. Recent work can be seen at Jet Fuel Review, Pith, So to Speak, Entropy, Right Hand Pointing, & decomP.

Meg Tisinger went to the University of Iowa and makes a mean kale lasagna. She has a love/hate relationship with horror films and takes photographs. Also, some of her poetry was published in Pretty Owl Poetry.

Dear M,

Dear M,

Like a dying Mercutio she dreamt
a plague on our house and it materialized
in the light bulbs.
The same horror film turns on the
light at 4:30 am.
It is not faulty wiring.
Static wanders through colonial
walls like smoke, explodes
into mail box dandelions
and mint aromas.
I hear her crying
when I am alone in bed.
When I open the door to the hallway,
the crying stops like
yanking a parking break.
Her never land dust brushed off
tortured under a microscope
Sadness locked in a safe.
I expect to hear crying
nightly now so I am a cold hearted
bitch. A stomach growl is
louder than my apathy.
I am envious this
yearning in the gut,
looking for nutrients
to hold.
To hold something delicate,
and then relinquish all bits
and bubble wrap,
absolved of responsibility

Dear J,

Dear J,

Phantoms covet modern conveniences.
Electricity is a wonder.
Pipes; a dream.
If your lights are flickering,
it’s just curiosity.
Outside, rose bushes
Are hacked to thorns,
your ghost will
prefer a fireplace
to central heating.
Apparitions claw dry wall.
I just roll over.
My bone marrow
is full of frost
I feel scattered,
dwelling with crazies.
Who knows best
how to play bad cop/good cop?
It’s the live ones that
fret all day and
eat toaster pastries.
The old ones crow:
eat more,
sleep more,
eat more,
sleep more.
We wake every day
to tourniquets and maimed limbs.
Wear ear plugs.

“Dear M,” + “Dear J,” are both previously published in Fuck Art, Let’s Dance Issue #012.


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