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Two Poems – Soeun Seo // Art – Minseon Kim

Soeun Seo is a poet/translator from South Korea. With poet Jake Levine, she translated the Korean poet Kim Yi-deum, some of which are forthcoming at Hayden’s Ferry Review. Soeun’s original works can be found at Potluck Magazine and Witch Craft Magazine. She lives in Santa Barbara, CA for 2016

Minseon Kim is a philosopher and an illustrator with an emphasis on pen art. She has worked as an editor and photographer for Blue Ribbon Survey, the Korean Michelin Guide. She was born and raised in Seoul, on alcohol.

Letters To The Abyss #3

Darkness, you are always the big spoon—half a dozen drinks too
late to bedtime your hairy leg gets under mine
I shaved today, feel my shins, follow me under my sheets–
greedy pubes heavenly, O so heavenly on my ass—I’ll read you
some JoAnna Novak and baby, we can chat all night
smoke all this leftover innocence—in a sense, it is another drug
or all of them—although, does light even kill?–
and I’ll skin the cold off your back if you peel the empty off mine
and eat it too—and oh let me show you my new face
swap app, let’s take a selfie together and switch faces
Darkness, you can have my face and my face can have shadows
warm and wet, dozens of them—sorry, is my head cutting off
your blood flow, you know, you don’t have to be my pillow
here, the most comfortable chair—sit and stare
remember what you said on loop upon my 348th rejection–
say it back to me now: Failure is an exacting art

For The Woodfairy Elk of North Bay, Ontario 2013

by minseon kim

by Minseon Kim

we dive bloodfirst into metal
cans and leave open our hands
for paper cranes to fly into
but skins cling to the carpet
where we expand sacred
(we’re so high we collapse/
nothing more is meant)
encased in a snow globe
of bobbing vests and more fires
in the black lake that we shared
that could never for all its stones
harm us or warm us
when the beach freezes I break
hearts on the sand and erase my name
so I will forget it was me
but have you ever seen a beating heart? almost
a Travel Voombox losing battery fast
we lock only our pinkies while our other hands
each grope old cities for something, something else
my lips caress all the walls to find concent
all this just to realize that I never hurt you
I say this because I now dance
lightly lightly away and again
the stars in these waters
there is no torrent we must fear

“Letter To The Abyss #3” + “For The Woodfairy Elk of North Bay, Ontario 2013” are previously published in Fuck Art, Let’s Dance Issue #12


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