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N!’s F.A.L.D. is now accepting submissions !!

Nostrovia!‘s zine “Fuck Art, Let’s Dance” is currently accepting submissions for Issue #013 !!

Chris Morgan Macro 1.jpg

We’re after poetry + flash fiction + short stories + photography + film + music + travelogues + journal entries + sketches & paintings + worries + project write ups + interviews + [ anything digitally publishable ].

Dig into Issue #012 to get a vibe for how we publish + feature + promote F.A.L.D. issues. What we’re after is eclectic & constellations into a single issue thru the process of putting it together.

For each issue, we select from the submission pile one artist + one writer to be the issue’s features. They’ll both be interviewed by N!, & have their projects / efforts / creativity highlighted.  We’ll work with each individual to curate the feature to best assist both their & our needs.


We also highlight dope publishers who won’t waste your time + folks doing great & inclusive projects for various arts communities + a lil musician compilation for ya to dig thru. We try to include things we stumble across thru the publishing process that feel fulfilling to interact with.

Submissions are being taken thru October 31st. We ask all folks submitting to answer the question “what’s passion?” in the body of their email. Read our submission guidelines before sending in your work.

Much love, cheers!


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