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Don’t get Trumped :: The Arts Resistance

zz the arts resistance.jpg

photo by Fima Gelman

Nostrovia! Press pulled into the Bay a bit more battered than usual for LitQuake San Francisco. More on the journey & our traveling bookstore coming as the days unfold, but more pressing is the Dictators’ March, a short film presented by The Arts Resistance.

We create a passionate thinking space outside of the totalitarian mentality. During the last three years, we staged literary theater shows, painting exhibits, poetry translation readings, and standup comedy nights and raised funds and awareness for various causes including Nepalese hospital for handicapped, LGBT and human rights in Russia, the US mobile bookstore run by teenagers, Syrian refugees in Europe and more.”

from The Arts Resistance

Filmed by Alexander Hvastovich (Russian / USA Channels)

Shout outs to the artist formerly known as Tsunami, who sculpted the dictators, Evgeny Avilov, the Russian artist behind the infamous “Exorcism at the Mausoleum” and member of art collective “Blue Rider,” Craven Sean, a memoir performer on the subjects of mental illness, violence, and life as an outsider, garnering him a nomination for the Million Writers Award, & Lena Avgust, our emcee for “Dangerous Thinking” & actor practiced thru  Studio ACT; Waterfront Playhouse and Conservatory; Shelton Studio; and from her most influential acting coach, Chris Phillips from Actors’ Theater.

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