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Last day to submit to F.A.L.D. !!

fuck-art-lets-dance-zineToday is Halloween, & that brings on our last day for our current reading period of Fuck Art, Let’s Dance Issue #013 🌙🔥  We’ve received some dope art + words, & while our arms are quite full, there’s always room for more folks to join the family ❤

Swing those hips w/ submissions of poetry + prose + image macros + photography + film + [ anything digitally publishable ]  Each issue has a featured artist + a featured writer, along with small publishers that won’t waste your time, & any cool internet jazz we dig up. Entry is free. We only ask that you answer the question :

“what is passion?” 

If you want to see how F.A.L.D. publishes, there’s a link to our last issue accompanied by our submission guidelines below ::

Is this one-day deadline promotion a lil too last minute for you? Like Nostrovia! on Facebook + follow us on Twitter to stay up for our 2017 Chapbook Contest + F.A.L.D. submission calls !! ❤

Much love, thank y’all for your support, cheers !!

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