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Snatch Up 2016’s Chapbooks Free !!

Oi !! We’ve released N!‘s 2016 chapbook series as free PDFs !!


The titular links below lead directly to the PDFs to read / download. If ya dig the chaps, a couple print copies (still donation-based !!) remain, all hungry for oil from your fingers


“a list of the identities i inhabit include

pretty girl eating salad at mod market
counter reading a book

night hands coming in from cold air
to rest on my nearbody

animals eating each other”


“This isn’t Texas anywhere except at your temples.
Where the sun lives. Where the smoke gathers.
Your redhead unraveling in handcuffs, in the salt grass.
Your apple chucked over your shoulder, half-eaten.
Your frown lines. Your James Dean. You’re bad enough.
Can’t be poor when even the cops beg for a souvenir.”


“…There’s me sweating my balls off
at an electronic slot machine in the back

of the Twilight Room in North Portland,
trying to forget the way you’d

let me piss in the trees when
we were drunk late, talking on the bluff

above the river, not cheating
on our girl/boyfriends, terrified

of this new type of love we’d discovered.”


Much love y’all, cheers !!

all the happy faces (compiled).png

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