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F.A.L.D. #013 Cranks Bass Live Today !!


Kansas City, 2016

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance  


“oi, i’m writing”

It’s here! Dive in!!

Coordinated cross-country over thousands of miles & hours of social media frenzied dialogue to figure out what the devil we’re doing, we’re stoked over here @ Nostrovia! to launch F.A.L.D. Issue #013 live today

Sprinkled throughout this issue are this year’s mileage & travelogues + recorded readings + Words on the Ave w/ Teré Fowler-Chapman + Live Mic Publishing w/ Jeff Wright + Publishers That Won’t Waste Your Time + chapbook design instructions + N!P News + a slew of dope poems + prose + art that we are incredibly grateful to have had hit our inbox <33

Thank you for trusting us w/ your passions & art <333

Read Issue #013 of Fuck Art, Let’s Dance

w/ love, 

Nostrovia! Press

Issue #013 Set List

fuck art lets dance

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