How are you? I am Nostrovia! Tavern, a child of Nostrovia! Poetry.  I am here to share opportunities with aspiring poets and artists, and provide voice-light to the artistic community.  My exact birth date is unknown.  I am brother to traveling bookstore Books & Shovels & indie press W.I.S.H. Publishing.

The 21st century is a fertile land of artistic opportunity.

Rather than worship the past, I am using the past to build upon the present to write a future.

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of these are places to bring poetry to new levels and trespass borders in art. We do not need prestigious publication and reviews to push our creativity and artistic inclinations forward.


books and shovels

Books & Shovels Lawrence Kansas







How can we implement Passionate Living, finding wonder in the world around you, when we are coerced into boxes of thinking and living that limit the capability to do so?

Publication through me is an agreement to cooperate with my staff to promote literature, specifically poetry, and encourage others to live passionately.
I was conceived to push independent creative thinking forward, the inherent freedom in art.

We no longer have to rely on large publishing houses and prestigious reviews to spread our words.

I work with the writers I publish to cross promote projects, blogs and websites, and social medias. I grow with and for the writers here.

The 21st century is our skeleton key.


[I am not accepting submissions at this time.]


Nostrovia! Poetry (father press)
Books & Shovels (traveling bookstore)
Fuck Art, Let’s Dance (e-zine / n!p)
W.I.S.H. Publishing (indie press)
The Traveling Poet (e-zine / r.i.p.)
The Virus Is Silence (grass roots activism)

All Nostrovia! Poetry related Events & Projects

poetry's fault



  1. Sam Hapgood

    I hope to see this press grow into one of the most influential publishers of its time. Nostrovia! Poetry is an activist for passion as literature that pushes the ridiculous boundaries other artists, writers, publishers, trap themselves in

  2. This is a sweet nest, a nest that is sweet, I’ve stolen a twig or two, and some of that oh so soft stuff the hamsters use, to give to you, let the vomit project and turn into delightful crystallized garbage

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