Poetry for the youth.

sunDefine Nostrovia:

“Nostrovia” is the English mispronunciation of the Russian word for cheers.  “Nostrovia” is used as English slang for “let’s get drunk!” and as a common drinking toast.

Define Nostrovia! Poetry:

Nostrovia! Poetry is a small press founded in 2011, a supporter of poets that are fuses, hoping that dragging their words across the internet will spark passion.

Here’s a visual aid for the definition:

nostrovia poetry nyc festival table 2

NYC Poetry Festival 2013

2013-04-05 13.43.28

The Virus Is Silence 2013

from us poets

The Virus Is Silence 2013

IMG_3360 IMG_2881 2013-07-09 21.26.30 create more consume less



  1. – thanks for visiting my blog! It’s always nice to meet someone new in the blogging world. Poetry is important in my work and I will look forward to learn more about your blog and the poetry within. Peace.

  2. I wonder if you could find Tecate in Russia. I buy it when I make Belgian beer stew, then use what’s left in a chocolate stout cake recipe, which usually comes out fine.

    Thanks for stopping by my Kelly Tremane blog today! 🙂

  3. Someone actually used the word Nostrovia! yesterday. It fell somewhere at the base of Diamond Head, at the Diamond Head Tennis Center. It was between games, during a set of tennis, prior to beer consumption.

    • I’ve yet to hear anyone but myself say this as a toast, or even in general, though I know Nostrovia! is not that uncommon of a term. Nostrovia! Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the follow on my blog! Nostrovia looks very interesting. Can’t wait to be a part of this web page’s community

  5. Kim

    Thanks for visiting “Unwalled”; glad that my post “World Crisis Abounds” was a blessing to you”………all the best!………Kim

  6. teasbook

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and all the likes! It really means a lot to me! 🙂 As you probably guessed, I love poetry! I like your take on this and I think I will keep updated with your work. God Bless! 🙂

  7. Hi Jeremiah,

    Thanky for visiting and following my blog! I love your idea about a new dimension platform for emerging poets and poetry. As you could see from my own About, I am both contributor and editor of a similar “enterprise”, so I’ll be closely following you😇
    I’ll get back soon!
    Take care, mate…


  8. Great idea Jeremiah! You truly show passion — thank you for sharing and thank you so much for stopping by and following Travel Oops! Steph

  9. ajaytao2010

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  10. Your blog is wonderful and amazing. Congratulations! Thanks too, for visit the ‘sketchuniverse. Our community ever need young breeze and people just like you. Have a nice day!

  11. Thanks so much for visiting and deciding to follow my blog, Discover Santosha. I’m really intrigued by all that you are doing with Nostrovia, and glad that you’ve made me aware of it. Keep it up!

  12. xelaardan

    Thanks for stopping by and following Rabbit-Eared Ramblings 🙂 I really like what you’ve got going here, and look forward to poking around some more! Have a good one 😉

  13. Thanks for visiting my humble blog! Much appreciated.

    I put a collection of my poems in a book for family and friends for Christmas. Didnt dare see about getting published because I cant stand rejection! And I know nothing about poetry anyway! Its been a success with all who have read it anyway.

    Nostrocia! Except I would have to get drunk on lemonade being a recovering alcoholic 🙂

  14. AnElephantCant think of anything clever to say
    This happens time after time
    But he wants you to know
    That he likes you and so
    He says hello with this silly rhyme

  15. I was going to point out the third/first person shift, but since you said not to . . .

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to return any time.

    • I don’t even remember writing that. It must of been a late night, at some point, where I was hunched over the computer screen at 3 am. I’ll definitively return again. Cheers!

  16. Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too.
    I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable.
    Be safe.

    • Nostrovia! Poetry is based in NH. Most of the work and projects are done in the New England area, but I’m looking to expand into San Francisco. Cheers!

  17. I love it because there is so much to read and offer and it can be done so without so much of a “grain of sand out of place” or I can plant my foot, announcing my presence in a comment, and the effects are still the same – brilliance in what I read 🙂

  18. Thanks for stopping by the blog. It looks like a lot of people like Nikki Giovanni. Will make an effort to submit poem for your contest first chance I get.

  19. Jessica Slavin

    would you have any ideas about where to find a “poetry salon”, http://wp.me/p2YYvK-wS
    not for tips or reading to others or finding an audience but for being an audience to great poetry, together

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