Underground Voices – “This is new, different and interesting. Take a look at this site, collection of ebook poems, submission guidelines and decide for yourself.”

Eight Cuts Press – “…this is a really excellent site, which shares many of our ideals. The site is crammed full of good, and informative, things.” 

Best Young Writers – “For those of you looking for a great resource and market for quality flash fiction and poetry, you need to look no further than our good friends over at Nostrovia! Poetry.” 

John C. Mannone – “An unusual poetry venue & clever format.” 

Here Comes Everyone – “…Loving writing and the arts, Nostrovia! Poetry offers itself as a platform for promotion and publication in order to help aspiring writers gain momentum in their careers.”

BareBack Magazine– “Nostrovia! Poetry is doing exactly what it is attempting, breaking the whiny and pretentious stereotypes associated with poetry.  Hopefully Nostrovia! [Poetry] will let the ghosts haunting the English classes around the world finally step over to the other side, and allow the new generation of poets to enter.”

Tunasian Lit – “An amazing venue for all kinds of poetry. Keep spreading the word.”


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