Recognition & Awards

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Eva X for nominating Nostrovia! Poetry‘s blog for this award.

Bloggers Deserving of This Award:

Alice’s Wonderingland:  Some interesting poetry is shared here with striking originality.

My Online Journal:  “Living with a personality disorder.”

Jackie Blair:  Jackie features poems with short lines that strike you deeper than their length.

Turtle Way:  A great small press featuring some great poets and pieces of writing.

Midnight Hues Poetry:  Aparna Reddy is a humble poet worth reading.

Sharmishtha Bishu’s Poetries:  “Just some poems to stir your heart, soul, and mind.”

Kosmic Clown:  An interesting blog… That’s about the only way I can sum it up.

The Foureyed Poet:  A dedicated poet writing honesty.

Face At The Window:  A creative blogger living in the moment.

Plucky Umbrella:  Paintings, songs, poems, and more.  There’s a diversity of content here.

WrongReaction:  This blog is no longer operating, but the humorous content that’s still available is worth sifting through.

HollyAnne Gets Poetic: “Poetry and rambling- and probably some poetry rambling.”

PhotoPoetics:  Poetry and photos, a classic mix done originally.

Cutglass Dreams:  Another blog of poetry and photos.  There are some beautiful pictures featured here.

The Poem Epoch:  A blogger with a mission to find great poetry.

Seven Interesting Things About Me:
1. I love filming short movies.
2. The first time I read at an open mic, my knees shook like a phone on vibrate.
3. I love to play the trumpet, though I am not good at it.
4. Poetry is a key piece of my life, and will always be.
5. I’m sensitive to caffeine.
6. I am horrible with design work
7. Favorite 3 Poets: Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, and William Bukowski

very inspiring blogger award

Thank you RamblingsOfABipolarWoman and Verba Mea Vita for nominating Nostrovia! Poetry for this award.

Bloggers Deserving of This Award:



Forest Avenue Press

Repercussions Comics

Speculative Fiction Junkie

Cussedness Corner

Write Lies

Malik Williams

A Wild One Within

Learning To Fly

A Word In Your Ear

ANZ Lit Lovers

Life Is A Bowl of Kibble

Little Rockets

A Portia Adams Adventure

Seven Interesting Things About Me:
1. Street art is a passion of mine.
2. I love participating in Slam Poetry.
3. I support the small press.
4. Writing prose is like writing poetry for me.  I focus on imagery and provoking particular emotions (or at least trying to).
5. I am in possession of an Iphone 4S I bought for $12.87.
6. San Fran Foer was a huge influence of my prose.
7. I cannot have a favorite book for long.

liebster blog award

I was nominated for the Liebster award by Amaranthis_Paradisus, and I’m happy to share answers with the questions they provided below.

1)What is your fondest memory?

There’s too many good ones to choose, but one of my fondest is a night I spent walking around my town and the neighboring city.  I was with a friend, and we just meandered for miles.  The only thing that made this different than any other day was that we left at 5 pm, and got back at 7 am.

2)What led you to blogging?

Desire to spread poetry, build Nostrovia! Poetry, self-publish, and defeat the negative stereotypes associated with poetry.

3) What do you think is your biggest accomplishment?

Nostrovia! Poetry

4)Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?

Off and on.  I’ve been experimenting with lucid dreaming lately.

5)Are you allergic to anything? If so, then what?

A type of obscure medicine I don’t remember the name of.

6)What’s your favorite name?

I’m going to say Michaela.  Or Ash Ketchem.  His name is “slick”, and a great marketing ploy.  

7)Who inspires you?

The poets of Slam Free or Die, Allen Ginsberg, and my environment / social circles.

8)What’s the meaning behind your name?


(c.650 –c.585 bc) A Hebrew prophet. The biblical Lamentations are ascribed to him.
A book of the Bible containing his prophecies.

9) What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who call poetry “a cute hobby”.  That, and disregard for others.

10) Are you enjoying life right now?

I’d say so.

11) What’s your favorite quote?

“I fell asleep to the city on fire, awoke to one intact.” – Pat The Bunny, Ramshackle Glory


Thanks From Nostalgia, With Love for nominating me for this award!  I’d like to nominated the 3 bloggers listed below.

1) Lipstick Chaos

2) Sketch Universe

3) Louis Marvin: Copper & Aluminum Angels


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