What I’d call my muse is conversation.  I find the greatest inspiration for my poetry and writing comes from simple talking, the back and forth of socializing being the greatest poems produced. Many of my poems started off as a mad scribble of an odd phrase or the way someone stated something, or words just slipped off that tongue that clicked my pencil into gear.

Sometimes, though, this isn’t enough though.  I usually try reading to help get creativity moving, but this may fall short as well.

That is when I hit the writing prompts.  I’ve typed out some of my favorites below.

1.  How long do you keep the phone number of a dead friend in your contact’s list?

2.  “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  – Friedrich Nietzsche

3.  Write a “bucket list” poem.

4.  Write down a list of 5 things you have done that you are ashamed of.  Now go through and write down the events as objectively as possible, and without using literary devices.  When done, that’s when you begin using your poetic tools.

5.  Write a prayer to a deity of your creation (i.e. “The God of Giving Up”).
6.  Write your favorite poem and your least favorite poem having a conversation (the poems can be yours, but it’s more fun if they’re not)

7.  “There is a Wendy’s in Eden.”

8.  Write a conversation between a poem and poet.

9.  Write a poem regarding a world where people age proportional to how much time they have left (i.e. 20 year old is going to die in a car crash tomorrow, he looks extremely withered and elderly)

10.  Found poem consisting only of movie quotes

11.  Write a newspaper black-out poem (Black Out Poetry).

12.  When in your life did you feel the most afraid?

13.  Sex is now accepted in public, eating in public is now taboo.  Go.

14.  Creative writing, visual art, and music have been banned from American society.

15.  Personify a city, town, or place, through an individual.

16.  Write a poem without a metaphor or simile.


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