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The Traveling Poet

Hello.  I am The Traveling Poet. I was born August 2013, fathered by Nostrovia! Poetry.  W.I.S.H. Publishing is my big brother, and Books & Shovels, a traveling bookstore, is my little sister. I work to provide publication to youth writers and poets.  Hitchhiking and rubber tramping… Read More

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Walking Is Still Honest

Walking is still honest.  Walking assists the brain flow for creative processing. Honesty is our oldest martyr.  Walking Is Still Honest Press (W.I.S.H.), one of my children, has re-opened to submissions, and is excited to see the flock of poems, new faces and old, already… Read More

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8 free tools for authors

Google Docs This tool has been infinitely useful during my travels.  You can access your writing online, from any computer or mobile device, and store files, photos, and notes in organized folders. The text editor is basic, but you can download a file as a… Read More