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9000 miles to get these books in your hands, & we’re still chugging along!

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Boom / bang / na da / BOOM!  Going to see the eye doctor, because we can’t believe it, but our second print run has already sold out! We’re stoked on how well received our first Chapbook Contest was.  The support shared from the community was tremendous, both for these gorgeous chapbooks and our work to grow Nostrovia! forward to better provide publishing opportunities promoting Passionate Living > Making A Living.

This year has been a consistent trail blazing maze of confusion / willpower / & much love.  Often, over the past 9000 miles, things got out of control, and we had to roll the die again & again in order to keep trekking forward, making shows & deadlines, & to feed our printers.  From the NYC Poetry Festival to Lit Crawl San Francisco, we’ve done our damn hardest to get these collections into the hands of as many people as possible.

& now, to further promote the distribution of these collections, we’ve decided to begin wrapping up 2015 by closing the distance between print & digital.  We’ve uploaded all three collections as free, downloadable PDFs!

Check the excerpts below to find praise + direct links to each chapbook for download.

juliet ii by sarah xarta

You opened your mouth and Juliet was the the sound that escaped into the sky. You opened your mouth and said, ambulance, emergency, Mother.”

Sarah Xerta’s “Juliet (II)” continues the powerful series of its title character as she reflects upon her life’s journey with unflinching, lyrical sincerity.

[ ebook ]

moon facts by bob schofield

THE MOON built the / weather out of strings”

Bob Schofield’s “Moon Facts” is a wild sequence packed full of surreal imagery and unexpected moods to remind us of the unending complexity in everyone’s favorite lunar friend.

[ ebook ]

bird lizard horse by august smith

There are two things we all have in common: / We are going to die, and our parents definitively had sex. / Not with each other, but maybe. The 80s were a wild ride.”

August Smith’s “Bird Lizard Horse” is a poetry collection with intelligence and depth, leading us to a mournful series from which the collection draws its name.

[ ebook ]

Thanks for supporting us thru 2015 and helping make this contest possible.  If you dig the publications, and want to show these writers support, sharing the links to their publications / placing reviews is greatly appreciated!

We’re going to be hosting round two of our Chapbook Contest in 2016.  Stay in touch with us on Facebook / Twitter for when we announce the submission dates.  Again, this contest is free to enter, & the submission window is spontaneous & unannounced till the gates open.  Winners debut in print at the 2016 NYC Poetry Festival.

Looking forward to reading your words next year, cheers!

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